Outdoor Showroom

Our Outdoor Showroom offers the largest selection of high quality outdoor furniture in Vancouver, featuring premier brands such as Gloster, Dedon, Brown Jordan, Tucci, Janis et Cie, Kingsley Bate and Cane-line. We carry an extensive range of items to suit your poolside, patio, deck, garden or weekend getaway. From seating, to dining and providing shade, Brougham can help you bring the indoors, out!

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Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture in Vancouver, there are not many modern furniture stores that house the collection that we are offering to our customers. We allow you to give a fresh look to your outdoor area to go with all that fresh air. You can give your patio a major makeover with modern outdoor furniture. Is your place the summer spot for your friends to hangout poolside?

You can ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to catch some sun with modern lounge furniture. Set up a few chaises near the water to make it easy for everyone to warm up in the sun and cool off in the pool and repeat the cycle. If you don’t have a pool, there’s no need to worry;we can help you set a casual layout of sofas and loveseats to give you a cozy spot to chill out and relax or dive into a good book, while you’re relaxing in the evenings or the mornings.

Setting the Trend for Outdoor Furniture

We have the latest designs for modern outdoor furniture in West Vancouver and help you keep things low-key with a small bistro table and a couple of chairs. That will make it an IG-worthy spot for breakfast at sunrise, and if you’re hosting more people, you can even set a longer dining table for them. Then you can add an outdoor bench for a new take on seating, or you can go with outdoor dining chairs.

Either way, we can help you add your own twist to your outdoor landscape with modern furniture settings that will instantly make your place the hangout spot for everyone. Once the outdoor furniture has been set in place, we can bring in outdoor décor that suits your style. If you want to create cozy vibes outdoors, all you need to do is tuck in a few outdoor pillows in the chairs and sofas to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Irrespective of what type of outdoor furniture in North Vancouver you’re after, at Brougham Interior, we can help you create a majestic outdoor setting that will take everyone’s breath away.